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Incentive Program

Do you want to give something unique as a reward within your incentive program? Then choose the gift card from Getsby. The Getsby is a Mastercard® Gift Card that you can give as a gift to your customers, but also to your relations or staff.

This gift card can be used at all locations where Mastercard is accepted. Worldwide there are more than 35.9 million acceptors, both online and in-store. In the Netherlands, there are currently more than 100,000 locations, such as shops, restaurants, cinemas and amusement parks. In short, the Getsby can be used almost anywhere, unlike most gift cards.

The Getsby Mastercard Gift Card can work excellent within your incentive program. For example, if you have a restaurant, you can strengthen brand loyalty with consumers by giving them a discount via the gift card.


The Getsby Gift Card is also excellent for incentive programs within B2B. Both for your relations and your own staff.



The longer someone is a customer with you, the greater the chance that they will purchase multiple services from you. You would therefore like to reward this relationship. We love to get presents. It is a token of appreciation and that makes you feel good. With the Getsby Gift Card you reward your relations for their trust in your company. Moreover, the chance that customers switch to the competitor is very small, because you show that you care about the customer relationship.


Are the staff achieving good results? Has the sales team met its targets? With the Getsby Gift Card you reward them for the good work. Now that the staff see that you are rewarding them for the results they have achieved, they are even more motivated to go the extra mile for the company.

Order the Getsby Mastercard Gift Card for your incentive program

Do you want to use the Getsby Gift Card for your (B2B) incentive program? Purchase then directly online. If you want to order more than 20 gift cards or if you have any questions, please Contact us. Also view our Frequently Asked Questions.